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Best Laundry services in London

Sylvia Grey is the most exclusive online hand-finished dry cleaning and laundry services in London, UK. We offer laundry services to employ credible experts to provide a complete laundry solution at the affordable price with same-day delivery. Our laundry services are hospitality, corporate business, alterations repairs, and household. Book today from our website! When talking about Best Laundry & Cleaning Service, there are lots of questions that come in mind. Most prominent among these are how good the results can be, and we can assure you that our methodologies are extremely effective in terms of both following standards, as well as implementing true innovations wherever it’s possible. You can also rest assured that industry-standard measures are taken to remove stains and discoloration that are not easy to remove. Across the board, the entirety of the service shall take care of your property as if it is our own. The eventual result relates to the ultimate satisfaction with what you’ve entrusted us.

Contactless Delivery

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No Direct Contact

For your peace of mind, you can request a contactless delivery. We’ll collect and deliver your clothing to a location of your choice.

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We'll Keep You Updated

We will keep you updated every step of the way. You can track your driver as they're en route to your address and contact them by text or phone.

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We're Monitoring the Situation

We are constantly reviewing the most up to date advice from the Government to best understand how we can continue to support you in a safe way. Your safety is our priority.

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